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  • Nudity Rating: Great Nudity
  • Number of Roles: 8
  • Date of birth: 1/18/1955
  • Place of Birth: Lynwood, California, US
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Kevin Costner has starred in some of the most beloved and critically acclaimed films of his era. From his take on by-the-book Eliot Ness in the amazing Untouchables (1987) to the whacky Crash Davis in Bull Durham (1988) and the sullen family man Ray in Field of Dreams (1989) Costner has entertained and moved us. He has also given us that tingly feeling down below when showing some skin in a few movies.

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American Flyers (1985) as Marcus Sommers
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No Way Out (1987) as Lt. Cmdr. Tom Farrell
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Dances with Wolves (1990) as Lieutenant John Dunbar
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Revenge (1990) as Cochran
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Mr. Brooks (2007) as Mr. Earl Brooks
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